Landing Story: Angie Foster-Barnes

Back in December 2017, Angie Foster-Barnes, one of our members who contributed to the Marketing & Events committee, announced that she landed a position at Audible in Newark. She was kind enough to tell us about that journey:

“I made it a point to have a polished LinkedIn profile with an eye-catching headline, which is how I was discovered by a recruiter for the position. In addition, I updated my resume to reflect my accomplishments in a quantitative manner (i.e. not only stated what I accomplished, but how, and the revenue result).

“I interviewed with the recruiter first over the phone and conducted that screening the same way I would have for an in-person meeting…professional, showing my value. Many people don’t take recruiter phone screens very seriously especially ” if they’re “not well known. I recommend taking the opposite approach which is one way I was able to stand out from the crowd. I actually sent the recruiter a hand-written thank you note and followed up with her after one week.

As a result, I was selected for a phone interview with a Marketing VP. In preparation for the meeting, I created a reference document that outlined basic company information along with industry and news articles that I could reference in the interview. I relied on my findings to develop 4-5 relevant questions to ask at the end of the meeting to both evaluate whether the company was a fit for me, and demonstrate that I did my homework. 

After the initial (Audible) phone meeting, I was asked back for a series of in-person interviews in which I followed the same preparation process (along with practicing and recording my questions and answers to common questions). Customized thank you notes were sent to everyone I interviewed with and one week later I was offered a position which I gladly accepted.”

Key Elements to Angie’s Landing:

  • Attractive LinkedIn headline, which let her be found by the right person
  • Treat phone screens as importantly as in-person interviews
  • Reference documents for hiring manager interview
  • Prepare informed, relevant questions for hiring manager
  • Customized thank-yous (hand-written preferred)

Angie also had encouraging words for us as people in job transition:

Stay focused and take every opportunity seriously. At a minimum it is a chance to practice demonstrating your value. You have a lot to offer and any company is lucky to have you as an employee!!”

Finally, she gave PSGCNJ props for all their help:

PSGCNJ was an excellent resource in helping me to land my current position. The weekly meetings and special guests provided useful information that I was able to apply in my search for a new career opportunity. The members were friendly and encouraging which made my transitional journey more manageable. Many thanks to the members of PSGCNJ!!”

— David Milkes