Learn to be aware of non-verbal cues in a job interview

By Arlene O’Reilly Front view portrait of four business executives sitting in a line

After a job interview, you tend to parse every word that comes out of the Hiring Manager’s mouth. You ask yourself, “Did he like me? Does he want me on his team?”

If you really want answers to these questions, you don’t have to wonder about them in silence – all you have to do is to understand the Hiring Manager’s non-verbal cues. That way you can respond to them, by using the right words or gestures or both, and you’ll have your answers.

People who are able to communicate better tend to build stronger professional and personal relationships; and these relationships are the core of any successful job search. And non-verbal communication is what Mike Palestina will be focusing on during his presentation, Emotional Awareness – The Science of Emotions, during a PSGCNJ general meeting on Monday, February 3rd

Palestina believes it is important to understand others, to know what they are thinking and feeling. He will show PSGCNJ members how to develop specific skills and use certain techniques to tap into their emotional awareness.

As a Managing Partner & Executive Coach of the People Intell Institute, Mike has trained business professionals to develop greater emotional awareness and become more attuned to non-verbal communication.

Mike is passionate about helping others modify attitudes and behaviors. His style is focused, but informal, with an emphasis on collaborating with clients to establish a secure, trustworthy, relaxed environment to remove obstacles and achieve results.

With his extensive practical business experience, Mike blends coaching practices with mentoring, advising, and counseling to provide clients with a richer interpersonal experience to modify attitudes, behaviors, and performance.

So, bring a friend and join us on Monday, February 3rd, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the First United Methodist Church located at 48 West High Street in Somerville. All meetings are free and open to the public. If you cannot attend, please visit our website www.psgncj.org for details about upcoming events.

Please do not park in the handicapped spaces in the church parking lot or driveway unless you have a wheelchair symbol placard or license plate. Metered and unmetered parking spaces are available on West High Street. Additional unmetered parking is also available on several side streets near the church.

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