TIPS: Six Steps to Improving your LinkedIn SEO

By Mary AmalfitanoSEO
LinkedIn has become one of the leading social media platforms used by employers and recruiters to search for candidates with specific skills. In order to be found, your LinkedIn profile should be robust and search-engine optimized (SEO) with all the keywords—words an employer will type into the search field in order to find potential candidates—that you want to be identified with.

  1. To start, check if your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete. If not, complete all missing information. Before starting this exercise, I recommend making a list of all important keywords including skills, job titles, etc., on a separate sheet of paper. As you complete your profile, check them off to ensure that each has been included at least once.
  2. Under your name (normally where your current job title should be) list the job title(s) that you are looking for separated by a comma and add the phrase “seeking new opportunities” which makes it very clear that you are actively looking and available for work. The following is an example: John Smith Product Manager, Sales, Business Development Seeking New Opportunities
  3. Make sure to complete the Summary and Experience fields with accurate           descriptions with embedded keywords.  For each work experience, ask for Recommendations and make as many Connections as possible. 
  4. Join all Groups relevant to your keywords and actively participate by trying to answer questions. This helps to provide credibility of your knowledge.
  5. Optimize your LinkedIn URL by ending with your name, e.g. Under your photo look for the Edit link next to your URL which will allow you to update it.
  6. If you have a blog, online resume or website, link them to your LinkedIn profile by adding a Profile Badge (icon that is available in several styles and sizes) and pasting the associated code. The Create a Profile Badge is found where you edit your LinkedIn URL.

Up to three websites can appear on your profile. Make sure your text link is descriptive. This can be done by going to Edit Profile>>Edit Contact Info; then click on the pencil icon next to “Websites;” choose “Other” which allows you to customize the title of your link.
Content on your LinkedIn profile should be carefully tailored to highlight your skills and build your personal brand. Following the tips above will help you achieve this by building a strategically robust LinkedIn profile to connect you with the employers looking for your skills.

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