Looking for work? PSGCNJ Executive Council creates Career Center

By Kenneth Hitchner
In a unanimous vote, the Executive Council today created the PSGCNJ Career Center, the mechanism charged with landing the organization’s members.
“While it may take a village to raise a child, it will take a valuable, sustainable network to keep PSGCNJ members gainfully employed throughout their careers,” said Executive Director Rick Verbanas. “The new Career Center creates a path.”
Co-Chairs of the Opportunity Committee (OC), formerly known as the Opportunity Center Committee, will oversee and manage daily operations of the Career Center. A team of Search Consultants will identify the job-search goals of each PSGCNJ member with a Candidate Profile and then target specific job openings and, if possible, contact information regarding the hiring manager.
With the member’s approval, a resume and pertinent information will be given to a team of Community Consultants, who will leverage their relationships with employers to land interviews for the organization’s members.
At that point, individual members will use their PSGCNJ training and professional background to land their next career opportunity.
The OC is currently recruiting for all job titles: “Co-Chairs” “Search Consultants” and “Community Consultants.” If you are interested in working with our members and gaining exposure to employers, please request a specific job description to Kenneth.Hitchner@gmail.com
Committees prepare new positions
In the coming weeks, all PSGCNJ Committees will announce their available, volunteer positions in an attempt to add more focus and efficiency to the organization. Creating job titles and descriptions empowers members to regain eight non-financial elements that have been lost or diminished during unemployment: 1) Purpose, 2) Structure, 3) Social interaction, 4) Networking opportunities, 5) Maintenance of skills, 6) Acquisition of new skills, 7) Completion of new accomplishments (CARs), and 8) Confidence.
“The re-discovery of these elements will play a large role for our members in the hunt for their next job,” Verbanas said.

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