TIPS: Job Seekers – Make Social Media Your Friend

By Mary AmalfitanoMary
Adapting to changing business environments—including looking for a job differently than you would have done in the past—is a key component to a successful job search. Companies are increasing their presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, providing new ways to connect with your target companies.
Social media is about:

  • Listening first, and then gauging what to say and when to say it.
  • Creating relationships which can lead to jobs.
  • First impressions count in social media, so be sure to make it your best.
  • Google yourself to see what employers are reading about you.
  • Make sure that any content you put into the digital sphere is appropriate. Stay away from posts on political or sensitive issues that can be detrimental to potential employment.

LinkedIn: An excellent social media platform for job seekers, LinkedIn provides an advanced search capability that allows you to filter your search for companies, people and jobs. Maintaining and updating your LinkedIn profile; joining Professional Groups and answering questions; these are ways to create a social impression and connect with other subject matter experts who may have inside information about jobs. Make sure your LinkedIn profile includes a professional picture of yourself smiling which projects a friendly and engaging profile attractive to potential employers.
YouTube: Increase your exposure by posting a video about yourself on YouTube, the second largest search engine next to Google. Unless you are very comfortable talking on a video, it is suggested that the video be short, about 30 seconds, talking about your professional background and showcasing your personality.
Twitter: Use Twitter to tweet about your job search.
Facebook: Create an online resume on Facebook by using the “Create a Page” link in the left column.
Blog: Author a blog by using,, to increase your social presence so that employers looking for your skills and experience can find you.
Embracing social media as an effective job search tool to connect with employers can help find the job you are looking for.

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