TIPS: Free February 13 Seminar on Mastering the Interview

By Barbara Peroneinterview
If you want to practice going on a job interview before you actually have to do it for real, you may want to attend an upcoming free seminar called Mastering the Interview.
In one of her continuing series of job hunting seminars, Jan Goodman, from the Greater Raritan One-Stop Career Services, will be giving this presentation at 1 p.m., Wednesday, February 13th, at the North County Branch Library, located at 65 Halstead Street in Clinton Borough.
The seminar will provide attendees with information to help them learn how to:

  • Prepare for an interview
  • Understand the interview process
  • Understand types of questions the interviewer(s) might ask
  • Endure a stress interview, designed to determine how an applicant reacts under pressure on the job
  • Follow up after an interview
  • Seal the deal when a company makes an offer, and
  • Obtain the appropriate salary/compensation for your skill level.

Registration is required. To reserve a seat, call 908.730.6135 or register online by visiting the library’s website at

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