ANNOUNCEMENT: New (old) General Meeting Location

PSGCNJ’s General Membership Meetings will now take place at First United Methodist Church, 48 West High Street in Somerville. As usual, our meeting will run from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
The PSGCNJ Executive Council opted for the new location because the general meetings and PSGCNJ’s training sessions can now take place under one roof—for the first time. Strategically, it is easier for newcomers to take the first step toward membership by making it more convenient for them to start PSGCNJ’s premier training program.
Many thanks to Temple Beth-El for hosting PSGCNJ’s General Membership Meeting during our transition. Their community gave us five months of free shelter—without insurance coverage—that gave us a chance to create what we have today. We now have bylaws and our first budget; we are close to filing for tax-exempt status. We would have none of that if we were not able to keep our community together during the interim. Temple Beth-El made it possible, and that should not be forgotten.
PARKING at First United Methodist Church
Parking in front of the church and in the church parking lot is limited. There are two municipal parking lots on Davenport Street located one block from the church heading towards downtown. The fee is 25 cents per hour.

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