NEWS: PSGCNJ Champion Debbie Kull Retires

By Steven Smith
After almost 45 years with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Debbie Kull retired effective October 1, 2012. Debbie has supported PSG members in countless ways since the programs founding of the Professional Services Groups, providing PSGCNJ with space to meet and train; resources to support the activities of administering our programs; equipment to conduct meetings and record the speakers for all to view over time. Debbie’s contributions to the PSGCNJ Picnics, which celebrate the camaraderie of committed people helping each other land positions to support themselves and their families, were also greatly appreciated.
Debbie Kull Support Certificate
Grateful to the State of New Jersey for a wonderful and fulfilling career, Debbie worked in 10 different offices, helping many people find jobs along the way.
Debbie started her career as a teacher with aspirations of joining the Navy. She joined the Industrial Placement Office in Newark then moved on to the Newark Job Bank when it opened. Managing the first and busiest phone there, she took job orders from employers all over the state. During that time, she did a brief stint at the Service Placement Office and met her husband in January 1969 while he was still in the Army.
Debbie left in 1974 when the mini-job bank was established in Elizabeth. When her father became ill, she moved to the Morristown office as LVER and raised her children Jonathan and Faith.
Debbie applied for a Counselor position with WDP in Plainfield and was promoted in 1993. Due to a shortage of WDP Counselors, she split her time between Plainfield and New Brunswick. In 1996 Debbie took a position as Senior Interviewer in Paterson. Debbie was doing PROS with the ABAWD population, and then took over that unit as well.
In May 2012, Debbie became the grandmother of Elijah.
PSGCNJ is extremely grateful to Debbie, an individual with a generous and good heart. Thank You Debbie Kull, we appreciate all you have done for us!

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