PSGCNJ Council selects new logo, tagline

By Kenneth Hitchner

In a unanimous vote, the PSGCNJ Executive Council today approved a new organizational logo that celebrates the group’s new era without government constraints.

The stunning logo, designed by PSGCNJ member Luann Ladley, uses brilliant dark blue and gold colors to connote “professionalism” and “value” to employers and recruiters, as well as new prospective members. A “shimmer” effect inside the letters of the acronym and back shadowing adds aesthetic interest.
“Amid greater uncertainty, our volunteer members showed character, vision and undying resolve during the last two months,” said PSGCNJ Executive Director Rick Verbanas. “We needed a logo that would capture those unique colors.”
Along with the logo, PSGNJ’s new tagline also is featured: “Where Talent Works.” During a brainstorming session, the Marketing Committee honed the hook after deciding that it was imperative to create something that communicates our competitive advantage to employers and our unique value to prospects.
The tagline’s ability to directly play off our brand served as a key driver for its ultimate selection. So where can employers go to find valuable talent that is STILL working? Where can people in transition go to prepare to re-enter the workforce? The answer: PSGCNJ.
“What separates PSGCNJ from other networking groups in the area,” Verbanas added, “is  our group allows, and relies upon, each member to share their talents and be productive. I believe ‘Where Talent Works’ conveys to hiring managers our members may be unemployed, but they are active, keeping their skills sharp, and ready to hit their next challenge running.”
In the coming months, members will see the new logo and tagline prominently featured on the website, blog and newly designed marketing collateral, which will be used to communicate the brand to various audiences. For example, generic business cards will be created and distributed to prospective members; personalized business cards will be used by staffers at the Career Center, who will build relationships with employers throughout Central Jersey.

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