PSGCNJ Events: Career Marketing Team Formed

by Bob Casar
The Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey has just kicked off a new job search feature, the Career Marketing Team (CMT). This is a group of 15 to 20 individuals who come together on a regular basis to encourage, support and, where necessary, prod each other in their job searches. Our goal is to provide a more direct encouragement than can happen in the larger Monday morning or committee meetings. I have volunteered to facilitate the first team.
Each member is required to have a written job search plan that is appropriate to that individual’s search. The job search plan can be very detailed, or it can consist of notes on a calendar or in an appointment book—whatever works for you! It must, however, be written and have measurable tasks and goals. The plan should list your skills along with your target titles, companies, and industries. It should also contain goals for maintaining your personal well-being. Remember, to put your best foot forward, you need a healthy heart and mind.
A few things to know;

  • At meetings, the CMT members share their plans. Everyone evaluates his or her own success, but team members are there to help support and keep each other on track by offering constructive feedback, possible improvements, new lead suggestions, and even a gentle prod if necessary.
  • You must be an active participant. Once you commit to the team, the team commits to you. If you fail to participate, you will be let go and must reapply for membership, which is first come, first served.
  • Team sizes are capped. Once the number of interested parties exceeds the number of slots, a new team will be formed.
  • The CMT is part of the participants’ job search and does not count toward volunteer hours. Volunteer hours are generated through committee work.

The first team currently has ten members. We have agreed to cap our membership at 15 individuals, so we have room for five more. If you are interested in joining, please email me at (subject line “Career Marketing Team”) and I will get back to you. Best of luck on your search. Cheers!

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