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Monday in the Park

by Andy O’Hearn
On June 20, Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey members, alumni and their families gathered for an afternoon of food, fun, fellowship and networking at the third annual PSGCNJ picnic. The Oak Grove Pavilion at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater was ideally suited for the occasion, offering ample shade from the sunny, 82° temperatures.
Joining the group in celebrating a year of successes and sacrifices in delivering events, services and support were Department of Labor One-Stop facilitators, managers and contributors.
In addition to the hot dogs, hamburgers, vegan burgers, chicken, buns, rolls, cheese slices, condiments and bottled water made possible by member contributions, the number and variety of salads, vegetables, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages reflected the skill and diversity of our eclectic group. Thanks especially to our grill masters Matthew, Alan and Lou for keeping our appetites “fired up!”
The music mix provided by (and occasionally accompanied by) Curlin Beck provided just the right backdrop for an afternoon of animated conversation, laughter and fellowship . . . and prize drawings added even more spontaneity to the day’s activities.
Special thanks to Programs & Networking Committee picnic leads Laura Fields, Ana Ippolito (co-chair), and Herb Milich (registration), and to Cynthia Lewis, Sheila VanDiver, Renee Ralph, Fred Dellanno and all other committee members for handling the behind- the-scenes promotion, shopping, logistics and scheduling of this event.
Ana Ippolito has to “cool herself down” after hearing Curlin Beck do his best “Michael Jackson live” impression.
Laura Fields, Picnic Lead

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