By Kenneth Hitchner
PSGCNJ recently expanded its social media offering, securing its place on Twitter.
People who follow @PSGCNJ will see the community’s new digital newspaper, The PSGCNJ Daily, which aggregates news concerning job-search strategies, resume/cover letters, LinkedIn tactics and secrets from recruiters. This new source of information is updated every day with new content.
The PSGCNJ Daily complements our own source of original content, “Transition to Success,” which the Marketing & Events staff produces each week. In addition to job-search tips and organizational news, the staff publishes the Hired Learning feature, which allows our newly “landed” members to share their successful tactics with the rest of our community. To ensure that you don’t miss these exclusive stories, go to our blog at http://psgcnjnewsletter.wordpress.com and type your email address into the subscription box on the right-hand side of the homepage. When you subscribe, you can control how often you receive the stories.
In addition to our blog and Twitter account, PSGCNJ members can also sign up for the organization’s LinkedIn group to further access our talent and connections.

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