COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT: PSGCNJ Launches New Free Accelerated Career Training (ACT)

By Frances Chaves
PSGCNJ’s Training Committee will launch its new ACT training curriculum from
December 3 to December 5. The condensed program takes two and a half days instead of five afternoons, making it more convenient for participants. The comprehensive job-search training program covers the key components to a successful job search. Participants can register for all five workshops or one or more makeup/refresher workshops. Workshops are taught by PSGCNJ members from the Training Committee, representing a diverse cross section of expertise from various professional backgrounds and industries. Many past participants have described PSGCNJ’s job-search training as superior to training offered by out-source companies.
Starting immediately following PSGCNJ’s Monday morning General Membership Meeting on December 3, the five session ACT program is scheduled on Monday from 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm; Tuesday and Wednesday, December 4 and 5, from 9:30am-12:45pm and 1:30pm-4:45pm. PSGCNJ strongly encourages new prospective members to take the complete ACT program. Class size is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Register online at:
Ellen Schwartz, PSGCNJ Training Committee Co-Chair, led the many volunteers that revised and updated the entire ACT curriculum, training materials, registration and database processes. She said: “Once we (PSGCNJ) were separated from the DOL, we were given the challenge of updating our entire program, beginning with finding a new home to train in, and producing training materials for the students without any resources such as a copy machine or funds to pay for such expenses. First, we decided to condense the program from five afternoons into two and a half days for greater convenience, requiring less trips and gas expense for the students. Second, and most significant, we decided to go to a ‘virtual’ environment in which all of our training materials and presentations are now online, eliminating the need, time and expense associated with printing physical copies of our many handouts. In making that transition, we examined each and every training module updating all of the presentations to include the most current and up-to-date information. Now, registered students will be sent a link containing all of this information prior to beginning the ACT program. They can choose to download and print the materials on their own or bring their laptop/tablet to class to follow along with the presentation. (If neither is possible, the information and interaction in the class will still be equally as valuable!).” Read more about Ellen in this blog’s Member Profile.
Kenneth Hitchner, PSGCNJ Executive Director, thanked Ellen Schwartz and Luann Ladley (Technology and Marketing Committees) for their leadership on this important project: “Instead of running around buying D batteries for their flashlights before Hurricane Sandy struck on October 29, the Training and Technology committees worked until the lights went out to publish online an outline of our Accelerated Career Training workshops. This new webpage, which makes it convenient for people to register for the training program, is another first for this organization.”
Get a jump on the job-search competition by taking the entire ACT program or a refresher on a particular topic. The subjects covered each day are:
Monday pm: Orientation and Self-Assessment

  • The Emotional Side of Job Loss
  • Self -Assessment
  • Job Search Tools and Techniques
  • Goals That Drive Business
  • Introduction to C.A.R. (Challenge Action Result) Stories

Tuesday am: Communications30 Second Commercials / Development

  • Telephone Communications
  • E-Mail Basics
  • Alternative Job Seeking Paths
  • Contracting & Recruiters

Tuesday pm: NetworkingIntroduction to Networking

  • Networking Guidelines
  • Getting Organized – “A Marketing Plan”
  • Targeting Your Search
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn

Wednesday am: Cover Letter & Resume Writing

  • Transferable Skills
  • C.A.R. Story Examples
  • Resumes: Key Concepts, Types and Forms
  • Technical Aspects of Resume Writing
  • Resume Resources
  • Cover Letters: Rationale, Formats and Types
  • Cardinal Rules and Common Mistakes

Wednesday pm: Interviewing

  • 30 Second Commercials Review
  • Preparing For The Interview
  • Interview Types
  • Interview Stages
  • Salary, Compensation & Negotiation
  • Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Questions

Sign up now; space is limited! If there isn’t enough space in the December training session you will be put at the top of the list for the next ACT program.

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