Recent Landings February 2012

Congratulations to the PSGCNJ members who have landed. This is a partial list:
12/26/2011 Dave Willoughby, Director Submarine Cable System Development, OSI
01/03/2012 Danuta Langner, Clerical Coordinator, Healthcare Management
01/04/2012 David Pastore, Regional Sales Manager, Summit Business Media
01/04/2012 Jim Skorko, Test Engineer
01/08/2012 Andrew Piech, Vice President, The New Milennium Bank
01/23/2012 Sean Byrnes, Support Assistant, Metlife, Somerset
01/30/2012 Nicola Maloney, Accounting Manager, Aptalis
When you land in your new career please remember to update your co-chair with the name of your company and title of your new position!

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