Recent Landings July 2011

Finding the job was like many things in life, right place and right time. However, preparation was the key to success.
I utilized all of the pages from the PSG program to help me set up my search, starting with my personal financial outlook and projection (how long will I last before filing for chapter 11), to a good resume and most importantly networking. All of those things that were taught at the introduction to PSG helped in one way or another.
My “landing” came from networking that lead me to a meeting with a headhunter. I would talk to anyone, and if I did not fit the bill I would pass that along to another PSG member. The hardest thing for me was keeping a positive attitude and keeping my spouse totally updated. I think that she had the more difficult time with my transition, she couldn’t be doing something to help my situation.
In the end I still had to take a salary hit but did manage negotiate an incentive package based on sales. My PSG network and the members of the marketing committee helped and supported me all the way. Truth be said, this isn’t going to be easy. The consumer product sales and marketing world that I came out of has changed immensely and I have to keep retraining all the time. Use your time to your benefit and search the category you are looking at and get your skill set matched to the opportunities. Lastly, I am fully aware that I may be back and will keep my network skills honed for my benefit and possibly yours. I’ll pass on all leads to PSG.
I sincerely wish you all the best of luck in your search.
Thanks, George Hunter 
Congratulations to
 Vivianne Moore
 Technical Writer at Becton Dickinson
Congratulations to these PSG members who have moved on. This is only a partial list:

  • June: George Hunter, Mary O’Connor, Bob Casar
  • May: Brian Parish 5/2/2011
  • April: Beth Colon 4/18/2011, David Glazer 4/13/2011, Valeria Hall 4/13/2011, Marvin Fields 4/11/2011

Please provide your co-chairs with any information when you have landed your new job.

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