Recent Landings November 2011

Congratulations to the PSGCNJ members who have landed. This is a partial list:
11/17 Pamela Williams, Kelly Services, L’Oreal Component Planner
10/28 Mary Moser
10/24 David Rathbun, Abbott Labs, Help Desk
10/24 Toni Maselli, Expert Plan Implementation Specialist
10/24 Renee Ralph, DoL – Trenton Contractor
10/22 Rochelle Levin, Butler Public Library Diector
10/18 Richard Peterson, RVCC Coordinator of Aprenticeship Program
10/17 Laura Fields, C&G Consulting Quality Consultant
10/17 Hassina Banu Daureeawo
10/17 Andrew Piech, The New Millennium Bank Vice-President
10/17 Karen Boyajian
10/14 Dorothy Pisano
10/13 MaryAnn Maltz
10/13 Frank Runiak
10/13 Michael Lentini
10/13 William Conrad, Embrace Cortel
10/13 Roger Stone, Embrace Cortel
10/13 Greg Corbo, Dell Computer Services
10/07 Karen Walker
10/07 Linda Myers
10/07 Ignacia Gonzalez
10/03 Hugh Mitchell
When you land in your new career please remember to update your Co-Chair with the name of your company and title of your new position!

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