NEWS: Rick Verbanas Granted PSGCNJ Emeritus Status

By Kenneth Hitchner
The PSGCNJ Executive Council recently granted Emeritus status to outgoing PSGCNJ Executive Director Rick Verbanas for his effort in creating a government-free community for professionals and skilled workers.
During his second stint, Rick’s devotion and leadership allowed the PSGCNJ community to survive and thrive. Under his direction, the organization has created new communication channels and tactics to build brand awareness, restored General Meetings and Training sessions through alliances and paved the way for the new Career Center, which is responsible for taking an active role in placing members back into the workforce.
Of nearly 2,000 people who have gone through the PSGCNJ program, Rick becomes the 21st to merit the Emeritus status for continually exceeding membership expectations.
“This honor will not give Rick a parking space by the front door – or stock options,” said Executive Director-elect Kenneth Hitchner during Rick’s last General Meeting on August 27. “But it will give him a special place in our heart – in a community that he helped build.”
Following the speech, attendees rose to their feet and gave Rick a standing ovation.
“I want to thank the group for this honor,” Rick said. “There are so many members who have delivered above and beyond to help keep this group alive, and I served along side with many of them. I am impressed by the talent and the dedication of our members, and am proud to be part of such a fine group.”
A list of PSGCNJ members who have been granted Emeritus status:

  • Steve Connelly
  • Daniel Montone
  • Craig Uthe
  • Gary Alpaugh
  • Pablo Cornejo
  • Judy Miao
  • Ellen Pinney
  • James Howard
  • James Bradley
  • Scott Percival
  • Nancy Minoldi
  • Deborah Lochli McGrath
  • Christine Dydo
  • Bruce Pierson
  • Brian Parish
  • Stanley Sikora
  • George Speros Maniatty Jr.
  • Sonia Amanik
  • Alan Wirsul
  • Luann Ladley
  • Rick Verbanas

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