Russ Swiatek Lands at Atrion Corporation

By Frances Chaves

Russ Swiatek recently landed at Atrion Corporation, a leading supplier of medical devices and components to niche markets in the health care and medical industry. His advice to other job-seekers is what worked for him: “Keep plugging away and leave no stone unturned.”

Russ learned about the position through an email from PSGCNJ’s Bill Dearborn. Atrion is in the process of a merger and were looking specifically for someone in transition. Before being hired, Russ had one interview and then worked for one day as a consultant at the company.

Russ served as a volunteer on PSGCNJ’s Membership committee. He credits PSGCNJ with providing education, support and motivation through his 14 month transition. The interview and improvisation skills Russ learned through PSGCNJ’s training are serving him in good stead in his new position.

Good luck to Russ at Atrion!

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