SPEAKER'S CORNER: Alex Freund – Negotiate the Job Offer to Win

Summarized by Steve Lewkowitz
Wow, you just went through a series of interviews and you received a job offer that you are very excited about. What do you do now? Alex Freund of Landing Expert.com recommends the following:

  • You don’t need to give an immediate answer.
  • Express your utmost appreciation and agree on a time when you will get back to the company making the offer.

Once you have completed the phone call or meeting, follow these steps to help you with your decision:
Step 1

  • Identify what is important to you.
  • Look at the position in light of your priorities.

Step 2

  • Examine the job offer with a clear head.
    • Check out the details.
    • Discuss it with your network.
    • Check out the organization in more detail.
    • Determine if the company will train and support you.
    • Review the financial stability of the organization; is the company a start-up firm with no clear funding or does it have the financial backing necessary to be successful and grow?
    • Is the job offer for a full time position or a contractor position?
    • How was the interview process? Would you enjoy working with the people who interviewed you?
    • Was the job offer made very quickly without their getting to know you?
    • Is your future manager enthusiastic about you?

Step 3

  • Compare the job offer with your priorities.
    • Write out your thoughts based on facts (the pluses and minuses) and then prioritize.
    • Write out your feelings (the pluses and minuses).

Step 4

  • Perform your due diligence
    • Most offers can be negotiated (80 percent expect some sort of negotiation to take place).
    • Define your deal points and the deal breaking points in advance.
    • Be fair and truthful to yourself (take out any biases).
    • Be flexible where appropriate.
    • Research the typical salary range for the position being offered.
    • Consider the fringe benefits in addition to the salary.

Step 5

  • Negotiate the best deal. As stated previously, most employers anticipate some negotiations will take place.
    • Show an unusually high level of enthusiasm
    • Express disappointment with the compensation if appropriate.

Step 6

  • Make the decision.
    • Consult with your spouse, partner, advisors, other members of this group, etc.
    • Listen to your instincts.
    • If appropriate, consult with your attorney and/or tax accountant.
    • Confirm the offering by signing the offer letter.

This is an exciting time and is what you were waiting for. Make the best of it and look forward to your new opportunity.

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