SPEAKER'S CORNER: Debra Wheatman – Interview Best Practices

By Steve Lewkowitz

At PSGCNJ’s July 2nd meeting, Debra Wheatman, President of Careers Done Write, presented many great insights into the interview process, including:

  • The interview process should be about “what you make relevant.” Everything should be about nuances related to what you want to emphasize and deemphasize.
  • Don’t forget to also send a hand written thank you note after you send your e-mail note.  This will truly help to differentiate you in the process.
  • Send a thank you letter even if you did not get the job.  You never know what the future could bring in terms of opportunities.
  • Know what you want to discuss with the interviewer.
  • It is OK not to answer immediately and to take a “pregnant” pause.
  • Talk about the unique things about yourself.  It is fine to stray away from your resume.
  • Make sure that you show passion and interest.
  • Engage the person interviewing you on a personal basis.  It is fine to ask questions such as:
    • What brought you to the company?
    • What do you like about the company?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask what the next steps are in the process.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume with you so that you are prepared to meet with additional people.

These tips will help you to succeed in the interviewing process.  Above all, be happy and show mental confidence throughout the process.
Debra Wheatman, has more than 18 years of corporate human resource experience guiding and directing global clients in determining career goals and identifying gratifying career choices. She holds both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) designations, and is globally recognized as an expert in advanced career search techniques. Debra regularly posts on her own site at careersdonewrite.com/blog and other blogs and has been featured on Fox Business News, WNYW with Brian Lehrer, and quoted in leading online, print, and trade publications, including Forbes.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. 

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