SPEAKER'S CORNER: Joe Himelfarb – Selling Yourself

By Joe Himelfarb, Co-Chair, Programs Committee
When you go on a job interview, remember that you are selling yourself.
Therefore, assume the role of a salesperson and treat your interviewer like a customer.
Accordingly, the conversation should focus on them, not you. The issues addressed and discussed should be theirs not yours.
I am not suggesting that your issues are not important—they are, but not as important as the interviewer’s—and certainly not at the interview. So check your ego at the door and remember that it’s about them and not you.
If you remain focused on better understanding where they are today and where they wish to be tomorrow, you may just be the answer to their prayers. That can happen if you ask questions that demonstrate your concern for them, their issues, and the problems they are trying to solve. It’s here where you can be their knight in shining armor by sharing some of your successes that show how you can help them.
Rest assured, giving you a job is not their concern. Their concern is getting their problem, stuff, issue, headache, or whatever else keeps them up at night resolved. In their mind, nothing else matters. Not how long you’ve been unemployed. Not why you’re unemployed. Or anything else that has to do with you.
Did I mention that it’s about them and not you?

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