Take My Own Advice

By Lori Peterson, Editorial Columnist  
In the New Age and self-help era, it’s important to  not get stuck in the winter doldrums. Affirmations  and mantras can help you create a positive mood  state so you can better focus on your job search  efforts. A “can do” attitude and daily goals are  essential to keeping the momentum going.
Self care is integral. Be sure to get enough sleep  and exercise. While pursuing opportunities, be  structured and disciplined, but find ways to fit enjoyment into each day.
Determine which skills you are proficient in. Continue to learn and develop  new skills and abilities. Be proactive, persistent and adaptable. With perseverance, more opportunities and possibilities will open up. Before  long, you’ll be closer to finding the right job for you.
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  • “HIRED LEARNING” – Home Sweet Home…Not by Joe Himelfarb
  • “COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHTS” – How About a Hand? by Carolyn Moody
  • “SUBMIT YOUR BIO” – Handy link to PSGCNJ “how to” webpage
  •  “HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE” – Turn a new Leaf: Keep illness at bay with  Herbs and Spices by Lori Peterson

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