The Other Side – Dealing Successfully with Recruiters: April 9 Presentation

You are in transition and need a recruiter. You call them, speak with them and send them your resume. Then you wait and wait and….. You are angry because they have not called you back with a job opportunity. Why are they not doing their job or are they?

Let’s examine what the recruiters do and properly set your expectations for them. Once you examine and understand the recruiter’s job, you will be in a better position to conduct and evaluate your job search process.

Join us on April 9, 2018 as Marty Latman, called by many people as the “Best Networker”  discusses “The Other Side – Dealing Successfully with Recruiters.

Marty Latman, is the Executive Director of Latman Advisory Services LLC. From business
consulting to financial advisement to professional career development, Latman Advisory
Services is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal or business goals. Marty takes a collaborative approach as he works closely to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. With 40 years of experience in nearly 20 different industries, he has successfully navigated a variety of issues. Latman Advisory Services LLC, helps organizations improve their performance and increase their “bottom line”, provides individuals with career coaching advancement advice and helps companies find individuals who help them enhance performance. This rich background has helped Latman Advisory Services LLC achieve high levels of client satisfaction and success.

— David Milkes