The PSGCNJ Promise: It Works If You Work It

By Frances Chaves, Managing Editor
Just  how  does  one  sell  oneself,  the  fundamental  task involved in successfully landing?
When  I  searched  online  for  “How  to  Sell  Yourself,”  I  got 280,000,000  results!  I  can  find  my own  way through  that mess of information or I can use the Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ), the finest source I have found for transitioning “best practices” and a safe place to practice the skills I need to ensure success.
These best practices are available to you through back issues of “Transition to Success”   and   the   archives   of   past   speakers   that   can   be   accessed   at
This  issue  focuses  on  “people  skills,”  including  steps  to  staying  confident  and landing where  you belong (Eileen Strong), practical advice on how to differentiate yourself when networking (Marty Latman), setting and meeting goals in 2012 (Rick Verbanas) and other useful tips.
PSGCNJ also requires that you volunteer. This issue has stories about PSGCNJ volunteers whose service to the organization has been consistently beyond the call of duty.
PSGCNJ gives us the opportunity to practice the skills we need to differentiate ourselves from the “pack” so that when it’s “our day,” when it’s “the” interview, “the” network contact, we will be at our very best. Work it because it’s worth it.

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