TIPS: How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Job Search

distractionBy Frances Chaves

It can seem like a thousand distractions are pulling you away from your job search. Chores that you would normally never do voluntarily, suddenly demand your immediate attention. Your hunger or thirst cannot be ignored. Even the gym looks attractive. Meanwhile, your job search tasks remain undone.

Experts say that having a plan — and following it — is the best way you to keep your job search focused. Each day, make a list of what you intend to accomplish the next day. Check tasks off the list as they are completed. Fair enough. Here are some simpler tricks:

• If you do not have an office, find a work space far from the kitchen and television
• Turn your phone’s ringer off
• If you feel compelled to answer every text immediately, put your cell phone in the closet
• Turn off notifications to avoid checking your email every five minutes
• Get something to drink or snack on before you start, then stay out of the kitchen
• Close the curtains if you get distracted by what is going on outside
• If listening to music helps, choose music without lyrics
• Close your office door
• Pets can be pests. Get the walk, feeding or whatever is necessary to keep them quiet done before you sit down

Some experts say that you should keep your work space clean and orderly. My feeling is, if cleaning your desk is going to distract you from the search, skip it. Same with “keeping your workplace well-stocked.” This would be a great excuse for me to go on an office supply shopping binge.

PSGCNJ Marketing Committee members recommend getting a “job search buddy” for support and accountability. Fellow PSGCNJ members know what you are going through and the daily challenges you face.

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