By Pamela Williams and Stuart Rosenberg
What is TMT? Glad you asked!
TMT is the Transitional Management Team of PSGCNJ.  PSGCNJ members Debbie Hixon and Rosalie Engel have reactivated the Transition Management Team (TMT) to help other members develop and follow a written job search plan—a great tool to survive the emotional turmoil of transition and to land in a new position.
All of us have experienced the uncertainty and frustrations of career transitions and the emotions that arise. These emotions cannot be completely alleviated, but there are tools that can help ease the situation. One of these tools is called a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a diagram or layout for each one of us—where we are, where we want to go, and how to aid in getting us there. An effective plan has three key ingredients:

  1. Written goals.
  2. Written realistic tasks to attain each goal.
  3. Written timeline for success.

Notice, I omitted the word target to achieve the goals. By focusing on tasks we can effectively evaluate the tasks, plans, our progress, and how to fix problems.
Your preliminary plan might be brilliant or it might be a statement of one goal. Treat each test plan as a “living” document: update it, expand it, clarify it, refine it, and adjust it where necessary.  Below are just a few hints to get started:

  • Start now! Draft the first plan today.
  • Don’t worry what it looks like, remember it is a “living” document.
  • Review your plan. Are the tasks and timelines realistic?
  • Make the plan comprehensive.
  • Have a method to store and record each revision of the plan.

The Transition Management Team is tremendously helpful, allowing you to speak to others on an on-going basis about your search. The TMT members help each other stay on track in their search by being accountable.  They offer tips on job search, networking, and targeting companies. “Reference USA” is also a good resource to help formulate a marketing plan. It allows you to identify companies that you want to target for your job search. See “TIPS: Using Reference USA to Target Your Job Search Marketing Plan” in the PSGCNJ blog.
The Transition Management Team is open to ALL PSGCNJ members. The team meets twice a month on the second and fourth Monday at 9:30 – 10:15 am.
We are here to help each other; we are among friends in PSGCNJ. We work together to help us all reach our goals.

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