To Market, To Market

By Randall Andreola, Managing Editor aka “The Man from P.S.G.C.N.J.
Seasoned advertisers understand that most sales are not closed by declaring the winner of a tally of boasted attributes, but rather by an emotional response to the best answer to the question “what’s in it for me”? As a former advertising executive, I have been very pleased at the new theme running through recent PSGCNJ meetings, that of marketing yourself to prospective employers. Last month, our Speaker’s Corner elaborated on the concept of “Positioning Your Career,” that is, telling your story from your customer’s (target employer’s) point of view. That piece was nicely-and coincidentally- punctuated by a recent inspirational talk by one of our new Monday-meeting moderators, Joe Himelfarb. Check out Joe’s summative commentary, “Selling Yourself,” in this month’s Speaker’s Corner, as well as J.C. Paradise’s Hired Learning landing story, a first-hand testament to the power in adopting the customer-focused approach. And be sure to look to next month’s edition as we take a fresh look at resume writing from a marketing point of view.
Featured Stories In This Issue:

  • “HIRED LEARNING” – How I Landed My New Job by J.C. Paradise
  • “SPEAKER’S CORNER” – Selling Yourself by Joe Himelfarb
  • “PSGCNJ EVENTS” – Alumni Night Reminder October 9 & October 6 Job Fair Revisited
  • “INTERVIEWING INSIGHTS” – Salary, the Dreaded Question by Maureen Koenen
  • “SUBMIT YOUR BIO” – Handy link to PSGCNJ “how to” webpage
  • “HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE” – Blessings in Disguise by Rob Wederich

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