COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT: Training Committee Weighs in on Learning to Land that Job

By Training Committee members: Ellen Schwartz, Elaine Ferrie, and Steve Smith, with Leanne Rea, PSGCNJ Blog Contributing Author
PSGCNJ Training Committee responds to PSGCNJ members’ concerns:
PSGCNJ members’ major concern is with the “process” of finding a job. Finding a job takes time. It is hard to be patient and follow the process when you’re in a hurry or feel pressured to land your next position quickly. We would all like a magic potion and some simple steps that guarantee us a job. The problem is that there is no exact recipe to make that happen.
The Training Committee helps with understanding and learning the job-search process, and accepting that being “in transition” is OK. In fact, it is more common today than it has ever been before.
Next we help people to understand the role networking plays; and learn how to improve your resume, write cover letters, use key words, and more.
What do people in transition need? 
What most member need are job offers! And, of course, your self-esteem and confidence can certainly start to slip if you’re not active in the job search, getting results, and keeping your business skills up-to-date or learning new ones. The fact is, every member has a unique set of skills, abilities, and accomplishments.
However, specific areas of the job search may be more difficult or easy compared to others. For example, some people are natural networkers while others cringe at the thought of networking. Some are great writers and can revamp a resume or write a cover letter in no time, while others labor over the task, taking hours or days to finish. Another challenge is the 30-second pitch and CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Result). While most people know the information well, it is typically difficult to state in short, succinct words.
Ultimately, the most effective job search includes being able to do all of these activities well. What’s great about PSGCNJ Training is that we teach, help and support everyone to improve all areas of their job search.
One tip would be to recognize where you get blocked, and take action on that item. For example, if you are not getting contacted from your resume, consider signing up for the individualized Advanced Resume Review. If you are getting calls for job interviews but cannot seem to get past the first live interview, then consider signing up for the Mock Interview. These are all great, free benefits of being a PSGCNJ member.
What is the feedback on ACT, the PSGCNJ training program? 
The feedback on ACT is overwhelmingly positive. It has been compared to the best outplacement services that companies offer! It is no wonder that the accolades are so positive when the training is given by professionals with years of experience in every field—Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Law, Education, Operations, Research, etc. Who better to train other professionals than those in the same field, who understand where the students are coming from based on their own experiences and from those who have gone before?

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