Unemployment income tax form available online

By Barbara Perone MP900385339

You have to go online to access the state income tax form you need to report your unemployment benefits for 2013 because you won’t be receiving it in the mail.

Form 1099-G shows the total taxable unemployment compensation paid to any individual who received New Jersey Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits for a specific calendar year.

Once you access the 1099-G application, you can print and view your 1099-G Income Tax Statement. To use this application go to the NJLWD self-service website at www.njuifile.net.

Before signing into the application, make sure you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or obtain a PIN, or reset your PIN.  If you cannot remember your PIN, or are having difficulty using it, contact a Reemployment Call Center for assistance.

Once you have your PIN, sign in to the application then click on View/Print 1099-G Tax Statement. Make sure you also have your online User ID and password ready.

Total Taxable Unemployment Insurance includes:

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits
  • Disability During Unemployment Insurance (DDU) benefits
  • Paid Family Leave Insurance (FLI) benefits
  • Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRS) benefits, and
  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits

Unemployment benefits are taxable and reportable on state income tax returns only. You do not have to include a copy of the 1099-G tax statement with your federal income tax return.

The New Jersey Department of Labor (DOL) and Workforce Development has already provided this information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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