Upcoming PSG Presentation: What They Never Taught You In College

Whether established in a job for many years or transitioning to a new career, all of us need to transform and evolve. Please join us on Tuesday, February 20 (note it’s Tuesday) as author, podcast host and Rutgers University professor of marketing Mark Beal will use his book, 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In College, to share inspiring lessons for those who are strategically targeting the next act in their respective career.

Mark will discuss the mindset and approach that we all must take to continue to learn and transform as professionals.

For 30 years, Mark Beal has evolved from a traditional public relations practitioner in the 1990s to a full-service marketing consultant in 2017. If he did not, he would have become extinct. In order to transform, he had to embrace the advent of social and digital media and understand how to apply these new media channels to the consumer-facing marketing campaigns he and his agency develop for leading brands. This interactive session is intended to inspire us all to learn, evolve, transform and continue to deliver value in our current role or the next one on the horizon in our respective careers.

Aside from authoring 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In College, Mark is the host of the 101 Lessons In Leadership Podcast which can be found online at http://www.101lessonspodcast.com/. Each podcast episode features a long-form interview by Mark with a leader who shares the lessons that motivated them and the lessons they share with their followers today.

In April, Mark’s second book, 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In High School About Going To College, will be published and available on Amazon.