Urgent Plea to All PSGCNJ Members

Dear PSGCNJ Members (Prospective, Current and Old),
Following are excerpts from the Hired Learning stories we published the last two months. If you look closely, you will see a theme running in the comments made by PSGCNJ members who have landed new positions recently…
“PSGCNJ was invaluable, but only because I volunteered. My work on the Training Committee sharpened my job-hunting skills. Working as a Co-Chair helped me keep my business skills sharp, and ultimately led to the lead to this job.” Simon Stark
“Committee work kept my skills current and provided the opportunity to learn new ones. I served on the Technology, Job Fair and Co-Chairs committees including two leadership positions. PSGCNJ’s many programs, and the people that run them, made all the difference in keeping my job search moving forward.” Eric Schwartz
“We’ve all heard that those who volunteer for committees, land. I had just volunteered to be a Co-Chair when this opportunity came up.  As a trainer with the Training Committee, I conducted mock interviews and resume reviews, a very valuable experience.” Sarah Schexnayder

“This organization is a viable networking avenue that provides a work environment, which can lead to positive references. Get involved and be supportive of others at PSGCNJ.”
 Nancy Stober-McCarthy 

Okay, maybe you didn’t have to look that closely, as the message was obvious. While this message is good for new members to hear, I am writing this mainly to you, those who are already on a committee. Why? We desperately need your help.
With the restructure after the Department of Labor’s withdrawal of support, we have lost members and are not replacing them as quickly as we would like. We should be done laying the foundation of our new entity soon, and will begin marketing the group in earnest, providing a higher percentage of new members.
In order for PSGCNJ to survive, I am asking all members to reconsider their past or current roles.
If you are currently serving on a committee and are not volunteering at least three hours each and every week (not including attending general meetings or chairs counsel), we urgently need you to help out on another committee. 
I have heard a few members say they are pulling back to focus on their own job search. While our individual job searches should be our number one priority, volunteering at PSGCNJ is a valuable part of your job search! Don’t believe me? Go back and re-read the quotes above.
Without your minimum of three hours every week, I can guarantee you PSGCNJ as we know it will not last. No more training. No more connecting members with hiring companies. No more social events. No more guest speakers. Nothing left to market.
Please, do not let this happen. Yes, it is that bad where I feel I have to plead.
What can you do?
Click on this link (or, PSGCNJ Openings on the menu bar above) and review current open positions. See where you can lend your talent, even if it is for one month. Then, reach out to the Co-Chair and let them know your availability. Meet new people and let them get to know you. Build your network with people who will want to refer you. Receive by giving back.
As Nancy Stober-McCarthy shared, “Even if I didn’t land my job, thanks to PSGCNJ, my time with the volunteer group still would have been a very positive experience.”
PSGCNJ is counting on you. Will you help? 
Rick Verbanas
Executive Director
Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey

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