Victor Manganaro: On March 24, Learn Effective Communication by Using Your Imagination

Victor ManganaroBy Fran Sullivan

As career coaches advise, the key to a successful interview is delivering strong answers without hesitation. Answers must be prepared in advance but recited without sounding scripted. This is definitely not easier said than done.

At PSGCNJ’s Monday, March 24 meeting, Victor Manganaro teaches the audience exactly how to do that in his fun business communications workshop, Effective Communication Through Imagination. Manganaro gets attendees to step out of the box of rehearsed or stumbled responses by using improvisational or improv techniques and exercises. Learn to be “in the moment” by listening carefully, responding spontaneously, and thinking quickly in role-playing situations.

The key improv elements that are useful when networking and interviewing include:

1. Listen with intent. Job seekers should always remain “in the moment,” or they will miss or mistake important details, questions and even body language. Consequently, their responses may be muddled or off the mark, reflecting negatively on the candidate.

2. Think quickly. In combination with good preparation, improv helps improve a candidates’ response time so that what they say at the next meeting or interview is clearer, compelling, and even brilliant.

3. Make timely effective decisions. Improv helps job seekers make and implement decisions more quickly and take advantage of very short windows of opportunity.

Manganaro’s not-to-be-missed, lively workshop uses exercises illustrating these important elements to give audience-members the needed tools to land their dream job.

Mark your calendar and bring a friend to learn a fun way to communicate effectively. Effective Communication Through Imagination is free and open to the public. It takes place on Monday, March 24, at the First United Methodist Church, 48 West High Street, Somerville, at 10:30 a.m. Visit the PSGCNJ website at for a calendar of upcoming events.

Victor Manganaro is a successful Innovative Technical Solutions Designer, Training & Development Specialist, Electrical Engineer, Project Manager and Writer. He has developed several products and systems in both the telecom and consumer markets and created most of the related training and education systems. Manganaro worked in conjunction with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for 14 years, leading, fundraising ($6 million in tenure) and creating new initiatives including a mentoring program, underwriting-publicity outreach, and visioning a ground-breaking event.

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