VIDEO VAULT: Eileen Strong on Confident Public Speaking

By Sonny Palko
If the thought of public speaking makes you feel uneasy, know that you are not alone. The number one fear among people is speaking in public. Unfortunately, when you are in “job-search mode,” there really is no way around it. Networking and interviewing inevitably require you to speak—and, you will need to speak well if you want to be heard…and remembered.
Professional speaker, presentation skills expert and author, Eileen Strong, provided some very worthwhile presentation tips and techniques to PSGCNJ members this past December during her talk, “Speak with Clarity, Credibility, and Confidence…Every Time!” Some fear-taming techniques Strong suggested include:
–      Four-square breathing which releases serotonin in the body and promotes a more calm and relaxed feeling.

  • 1) Take a deep breath in for four seconds;
  • 2) Hold for four seconds;
  • 3) Slowly exhale for four seconds;
  • 4) Repeat this process four times.

–      Implement a Neuro-linguistic Programming exercise to help remain focused.


  • Press thumb to index finger while saying, “I choose to be in control.”
  • Repeat statement while pressing thumb to each finger, one by one, and on both hands.

–      Practice your speaking in front of a mirror. It will allow you to evaluate (then perfect) your body language and facial expressions so you can present more confidently.
For additional public-speaking strategies, visit Eileen Strong’s recorded presentation Speak with Clarity, Credibility, and Confidence… Every Time! or by visiting the PSGCNJ Media Library which is accessible from the PSGCNJ “Transition to Success Newsletter.”
For more information about Eileen Strong, Professional Speaker, go to: Strong Incentives.

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