VIDEO VAULT: The Importance of Personal Branding

By David Pastore
Glenda Blakely, a career development specialist with a corporate HR background, spoke about the latest hot button in job search . . . personal branding. Spend a few minutes watching the video of her presentation to PSGCNJ’s general membership this past May 7.*
Ms. Blakely touches on the value of branding yourself . . . what makes you unique and compelling to potential employers. You’ll learn about the process of associating the individual and the value that he or she offers.
Here’s one review from someone who was in attendance that day: “I attended Glenda’s presentation on Personal Branding and found her to be very informative. As a marketing person myself, I felt her presentation to be very timely and useful. She is a wonderful speaker and has a tremendous command of the room, engaging the audience in a delightful manner. I look forward to attending more of her presentations.”
Glenda is inspirational, humorous and skilled at getting her listeners to think creatively. Take a look at the video of her presentation and see for yourself the importance of personal branding.
* Editor’s Note: How to access the VIDEO VAULT (formerly called the Media Library
You must be a member of PSGCNJ and a member of PSGCNJ’s Yahoo group.
1) Go to the PSGCNJ homepage at
2) Click on the PROFESSIONALS tab either at the top of the page or along the left column.
3) On the left column, under PROFESSIONALS, click on PSGCNJ VIDEO VAULT.

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