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By Eric Kempner, Managing Editor
Welcome PSGCNJ members to our “Back To School” online edition of Transition to
Success newsletter. Unfortunately, summer is winding down and the job market  is still unstable. However, in this issue we are excited to  report on a member success story and details of other  member landings.
Our goal is to provide you with information that will inspire  and encourage you to focus on techniques which can be  helpful in your job search.
We are a professional service organization and networking  is one of the key components we believe will ultimately  help you achieve your goal to get hired.
Featured Stories In This Issue:

  • “HIRED LEARNING” – Seeing The Light by Randall Andreola
  • “SPEAKER’S CORNER” – Network Easy by Author Abby Kohut
  • “PSGCNJ EVENTS” – October 2010 Job Fair Preview by Brian Parish
  • “INTERVIEWING INSIGHTS” – Dress For Success by Maureen Koenen
  • “BIO’S WANTED” by Maureen Koenen

We welcome all PSGCNJ members to share their comments and suggestions as  your feedback and contribution are very important to us. You may contact our  editorial staff at: psgcnjeditor@yahoo.com.
Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Charley Nasta for his outstanding  work and support as the first and former Layout Editor of Transition to Success.  Without his efforts and sanity this online newsletter would not have become a  reality!
Let’s continue to network and assist each other during our transition. Remember,  stay positive, exercise daily and enjoy all the opportunities that our family, friends and pets have to offer.
Enjoy your newsletter and happy landings to all members!

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