Welcome to the PSG of Central NJ Newsletter

Greetings, PSGCNJ Members!
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Transition to Success, the online newsletter produced especially for members of PSG of Central NJ. Our goal is this e-newsletter becomes the resource you turn to for inspiration, timely tips and other helpful information that may prove vital to your unique job search. In each issue, you will find:

  • “HIRED LEARNING” – Success stories from PSGCNJ alumni
  • “SPEAKER’S CORNER” – Additional tips from guest speakers
  • “ASK DOL” – DOL updates and answers to general questions
  • RECENT LANDINGS – PSG members hired
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Hot topics that may affect you

We want this to be your newsletter, so we welcome your feedback. Please use the link in the sidebar to contact us with ideas for stories or topics you’d like to see in future editions. Also, if you have any talent at writing or editing, and would like to keep your skills sharp, please contact us.
This newsletter was something I have championed since I became part of the Marketing Committee in January and I’m thrilled it is finally here. I believe members will find it useful in their personal job search, and working on it was small payback for all the assistance PSGCNJ has provided us.
On a personal note, I had my own Transition to Success and recently landed a position as the Manager of Customer Loyalty at Bloomingdale’s. The opportunity came from an interview I gained after a recent Bloomingdale’s presentation at a PSGCNJ General Meeting. I will share the full story in a future installment of “Hired Learning.”
Lastly, please forward your copy of Transition to Success to anyone you know who is in transition and could benefit from all that PSGCNJ has to offer. Through networking, training and fellowship, may we all become PSGCNJ Alumni in the near future.
Happy landings!
Rick Verbanas Managing Editor Co-Chair, Marketing Committee 
P.S. A special thanks to all those who contributed to the content and design of this edition; Randall Andreola, Judy Baliman, Eric Kempner, Maureen Koenen, Jim Lawenda, Brian Parish, Mary Anne Usher and Victoria Zelin

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