Where Members Work – 8/20/12 Update

PSGCNJ would like to welcome and say a heartfelt “Thank you!” to the following members who have joined a committee (or an additional committee) since we re-started PSGCNJ in June.
We would like to recognize new members weekly, so please make sure to let your committee Co-Chair know if you do not want to be listed here.
If you are not currently on a committee and would like to get more information about where your talents could help PSGCNJ, you can find current committee openings here.
Marketing & Events Committee: 

  • Stephanie Jones: Newsletter Contributor
  • Stuart Rosenberg: Event Coordinator and Newsletter Contributor

Membership Committee:

  • Peter Lipowczan: Reports & Data Entry
  • Cathy Nace: Membership Secretary & Data Entry

Opportunity Committee:

  • Ken Hitchner: Advisor (also on Marketing & Events)
  • Annabelle Suarez: Co-Chair
  • Colleen Murray: Co-Chair
  • Hsui “Sue” Tseng: Search Consultant
  • Jane Weiss: Search Consultant
  • Betty Liou: Search Consultant
  • Alpa Patel: Search & Community Consultant
  • Mike Sockol: Search Consultant
  • Tony Thompson: Search Consultant (also on Training)
  • Ellen Schwartz: Community Consultant (also on Training)
  • Charlotte Briscoe: Community Consultant
  • Brian Roman: Community Consultant
  • Kanwal Minhas: Community Consultant (also on Marketing & Events)
  • Jeffery Douglas: Community Consultant
  • Joe Barnes: Community Consultant (also on Training)
  • Cesar Flores: Community Consultant
  • Mona Mikhail: Community Consultant
  • Mike Davidian: Community Consultant
  • Georgea de Medina: Community Consultant
  • Richard Katz: Community Consultant

Technology Committee:

  • Leanne Rea: Equipment Manager (also on Marketing & Events)
  • Barry Jacobsen: Equipment Manager (also on Training)

Please send updates and corrections to: rickverbanas@bellsouth.net

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