Yasmin Fisher Lands at the Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce

By Barbara Perone and Frances Chavesyasmin fisher

After almost a year in transition, Yasmin Fisher landed as Membership and Events Director at the Greater Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce. The job lead came directly from another PSGCNJ member who forwarded Yasmin’s resume to the hiring manager.

After an initial phone interview, Yasmin was invited in for an in-person interview. She followed up after the interview, provided references and was invited in for another meeting at which she received the job offer.

During her transition, Yasmin used PSGCNJ to keep her job search on track.  She said, “The meetings helped me focus on my search and provided me with networking opportunities and much needed emotional support. Joining the group allowed me to get involved, on a practical level, and was a great venue to make a positive contribution to the organization.”

Committee work was a critical part of Yasmin’s job search strategy: “The Marketing Committee was a place to keep current in my field and ensure that my marketing and networking skills were kept sharp. Joining the group enabled me to communicate, get out of my comfort zone, reach out, and become more people centered.”

Her suggestions for other job seekers are to stay involved, meet new people, and keep current in your field. Most of all…don’t give up!


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