Your Current Job: Sales & Marketing

By Rick Verbanas, Managing Editor
No doubt, you have heard, “Everyone is in sales when they are in transition.” No matter if you are in financing, healthcare, IT, pharma or education, you are in sales when in front of a hiring manager. No one can sell you as well as you can. But, did you know you were in Marketing, too?
While it may be the sales person who closes the deal, it is often the advertising or marketing person who brings the customer in. And, as anyone in business knows, you don’t close every sale. It takes several shoppers before one buys.
So, are your marketing/advertising efforts getting you interviews? If so, then time to look at your closing (interview) skills. If you aren’t getting as many interviews as you’d like, time to reconsider your advertising tactics. In this issue, two recent PSGCNJ alumni talk about two totally different strategies that worked for them. (See “Hired Learning” stories in this issue.)
Perhaps it is time to look at your Marketing materials (resume, business cards, cover letters, etc.) to see if you need to better separate yourself from your competition. Last month, Eileen Strong gave excellent advice on “Do Your Marketing Materials Market You?” You can visit her website: for more information or check back on our site: to watch her presentation.
We all want to make that big sale and land the perfect position. It starts with Marketing. Are your strategies and materials getting you enough customers?
Happy Landings,
Rick Verbanas

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