Become a Speed Networker at PSGCNJ on April 28

Speed networkingMeet lots of people fast and have fun

By Arlene O’Reilly

Speed networking is a great way to meet and network with lots of new people in a short timeframe.

Here’s how it works: a large group of job seekers sit at different tables. Each job seeker sits directly across from another person. A Moderator times each face-to face conversation. When the Moderator gives the signal, one job seeker takes an allotted amount of time to network with the other person.

When the time is up, the Moderator gives another signal. The other job hunter takes a few minutes to network with the other person. Again, when the Monitor says the time is up, those seated on the outer row of each table move to the next chair and the process starts all over again.

Job seekers on the outer row of seats continue moving to the next seat after each timed interval runs out. The networking continues until the Moderator announces that the entire speed networking session is over.

If you are interested in this kind of fast-paced networking, come to Speed Networking – Broadening Your Connections at PSGCNJ’s Monday, April 28 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Bring lots of business cards and a friend. The meeting is held at the First United Methodist Church, located at 48 West High Street, in Somerville. All PSGCNJ meetings are free and open to the public. Can’t make it this week? Visit our website at for upcoming events.

Please refrain from parking in the church parking lot. Metered and unmetered parking is available on West High Street. Unmetered parking is also available on some of the side streets near the church. Please put enough coins in the meter; a parking ticket in Somerville Borough costs $24! Please do not park in the handicapped spaces in the church parking lot or driveway unless you have a wheelchair symbol placard or license plate.

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