HIRED LEARNING: Debbie Hixson's Targeting Strategy Hits Bull's-eye

By Sonny PalkoDebbie Hixson
Permanent or temporary, a landing is a landing in the job world. In early October, PSGCNJ Membership Committee member, Debbie Hixson, landed a temporary HR Associate position at PVH (Phillip Van Heusen) in Bridgewater, New Jersey.
Debbie credits much of her success to routinely cold-calling and searching her target companies’ websites for potential positions. Networking was also a factor, as she tells, “PVH is big on hiring through friends and family first.” Her relationship with a company connection (a friend and former PSG member) was the key to her landing.
When asked how PSGCNJ membership may have helped, Debbie replied “Meeting and talking to people with diverse backgrounds helped keep me motivated. I treated PSG as a job to learn new skills and expand my network. The PSGCNJ group brought my job search skill up to date.” Regarding her committee volunteer involvement, Debbie asserts “The Membership Committee helped me learn more about data entry and access programs. I am using these skills daily.”
Debbie Hixson’s suggestion for job-seekers: “Keep networking, cold calling companies and search your target company websites routinely.”

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