Executive Director's Report – Transitioning to Success

Dear PSGCNJ Members,
I feel like I’ve been here before: leaving the group for a full-time position. What’s different is that, this time, I get to stay connected to a stronger, independent PSGCNJ.
Was it that long ago, when I wrote the very first editorial for Transition to Success (8/10) and in that same piece said goodbye as I went to start my new job? It feels strange to be writing a “farewell editorial” when I just delivered an up-to-date report three weeks ago on all we’ve accomplished to date and will be telling my “Hired Learning” piece next week. What more can I say?
Just this… I am immensely proud of the achievements of this organization – especially the last three months – and am very grateful for the opportunity to serve in it during that time. If you haven’t read the report yet, it is an impressive list of accomplishments we’ve made in a very short span. The amount of talent in this group is amazing. Perhaps more importantly, the willingness to help one another, the spirit of doing our own part for the greater good, humbles me.
I landed my previous job due to PSGCNJ. That alone could have been enough for my wanting to give back. However, I have always seen the real value this group offers; knowledge, skills, responsibilities, accountability, higher self esteem, a network and true friends. “Where Talent Works.” That is why I was honored to serve as Executive Director and to help transition the tenuous, delicate post-DoL period to a strong, self-supporting non-profit organization. I have worked side by side some very talented and dedicated professionals, and feel assured PSGCNJ is in very capable hands and will be here when I need it for a third tour of duty.
I am happy to say Ken Hitchner will be taking on the role of Executive Director as of September 1st. I have worked with Ken on the Marketing Committee for over a year, and on the Executive Counsel these last two and half months. He has been instrumental in relaunching (and revamping) the Opportunity Center and I know he is dedicated and passionate about taking PSGCNJ to its next phase.
Will I be back? If not full-time, then in spirit. Our post-DoL policy keeps all members, even after we land. I will be known as a “Member At Large” (which the title makes me feel like I’m on the lam). I will still be available in whatever capacity I can serve, as well as social outings and the occasional lunch. As always, PSGCNJ will be near and dear to my heart and I will always be your advocate.
Happy Landings,
Rick Verbanas
Executive Director
Professional Service Group Central New Jersey

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  1. njdaveblog

    Rick – Bravo & Congratulations on your new position. Hopefully you’ll be able to kick back and relax and enjoy “Labor Day” knowing you’ve got a new adventure to start.
    Thanks also for all you’ve done for PSG during the transition to the new PSG…which seems to be off to a good start becuase of a handful of good folks like you.
    Dave Willoughby

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