Facebook Faux Pas: How the World’s Most Popular Social Media Works For or Against Your Job Search

facebookBy Frances Chaves

“Faux pas” — French for false step — is used to describe an embarrassing social mistake. While social media has become an important weapon in the job searcher’s arsenal, using Facebook in the wrong way can cost you the job before you even make it to the interview.

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 37 percent of employers use Facebook to pre-screen applicants — and that was in 2012! That percentage is certainly higher now.

What are hiring managers looking for on social media?

• Does the candidate present themselves professionally: 65%
• Is the candidate a good fit for their company culture: 51%
• To learn more about the candidate’s qualifications: 45%
• Is the candidate well-rounded: 35%

A whopping one third of hiring managers said they found information in social media that caused them NOT to hire a candidate.

The three biggest Facebook no no’s that hiring managers look for, according to Adrienne Erin:

• Excessive partying (suggests irresponsibility and an inability to handle professional social events)
• Bad-mouthing bosses (indicates a poor attitude or an inability to work as a team-member)
• Bad grammar and misspellings (obvious signs of poor communication skills and sloppy work habits)

Manipulate your Facebook page to work in your favor.

Assume that hiring managers will review your Facebook page. Ways to make a positive impression include:

• Convey a professional image
• Provide background information that supports your professional qualifications
• Display a wide range of interests as proof that you are a well-rounded person
• If creativity is important in your profession, make sure your Facebook page reflects your imagination and ingenuity
• If you are worried about your writing skills not making the grade, find someone qualified to review your content before you post
• Highlight your volunteer activities including your work for PSGCNJ

By all means, use Facebook to further your job search. Just be sure that your page reflects the image you want to project to employers.

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  1. jobhuntinginhell

    I suggest that people make their Facebook pages accessible to friends only if they are looking for work, even if they don’t think there is anything bad on there. You never know what could rub a hiring manager the wrong way these days. It’s best not to even chance it.

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