Get a Life

Get a Life.

                    Get a Clue.

                                     Get a Plan!

                                                                   Get a Job!

Simplicity is on their face, but complexity is buried within these 4 lines.
Terrific power lies within the details of application.

There is great danger in the failure to harness their power.

It is truly a mantra that can serve all job seekers.

As I unpack those 4 lines, remember that you may occasionally need to loop back. Your straight line to a job is most often a very different geometry.

Get a Life.

This is not a putdown. 

This is the foundation of your entire existence. 

One may think of your job as supporting your life — not truly so — they mutually support each other.  Without having one’s life in order logistically, psychologically, and emotionally, you have impediments to success.  When job hunting, negative diversion damages the focus needed. So, fix any other issues early. Fix them well!
Come to terms with the reality of the lost job. Also, remember your household must undergo this same transformation.
Anger, fear, dismay, disbelief, “why me”, grief, depression, loss of purpose, and loss of direction, and occasionally relief are all natural, but logic, understanding, acceptance, and communication can be used to transform these feelings to manageable history.  

Who wants to hire a basket case? Anxiety driven by your life could appear as interview or job related — definitely a negative.

Wearing your troubles is never a good look.
A major key to a positive attitude is to become someone to be worth knowing.
Fill your life with value, commitment, and activity — become too busy to be miserable!
Arrange your world so that you can and will smile.

Get a Clue.

A clue to what?
A clue to who you are, what you want, where you will go, how you will get there, when to start, and who can help.

As sung by George Harrison, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”.      True, but on the other hand, that is not a useful state of being!
Much better results are achieved when you select a destination.
Jetison your excess baggage — especially self created junk — you can travel faster.

Your clue needs to be multifaceted. 

Although containing universality, your clue is uniquely yours.

Review your “what if’s”,  “must haves”, “good enoughs”, and “stretch goals” so you can define your own reality.
Transform your job loss into the opportunity to redesign your little corner of the world. 

Get a Plan!

Disorganization is the first step on the road to failure. 

Organization gets you much further than “Winging it”.
Random movements get you nowhere.
Most of the people seen achieving things in life are those who chart their course well. To do this, they work within a structure in their plan to maximize results for the time they spend. 

Send yourself for an upgrade. Training — PSGCNJ’s ACT training, skills building, and certification courses.
Build your brand. 

Build your tool kit.
Make the most of free resources.
Draw from as many people, places and things needed to get an effective set of useful information.
Set up an accountability buddy. 

Connect with new and old contacts.
Be very public  —  you want to be found!

This is where your clue becomes your plan which you will sell to everyone!

Time is a limited fixed commodity and should be spent in a wise manner. 

Modify the plan  as required —  adjust  —  do not blindly “settle”  —  unless financial realities dictate taking a bridge job — but keep trying to bridge to your destination.

It is your journey  —  you need to be the navigator  —  you need to be the driver  — so drive already!

Get a Job!

Follow your plan but also be opportunistic.  Be ready to react if something good “falls into your lap”. 
Be relentless in implementation. 

Use every trick in your book  — every resource — your entire network.  

Crank everything you learn back into your plan (it is never done).

Repeat. Keep repeating! Try again. etc.

The final achievement — success —  “Whoopie! Got a job”

But the devil is still in the details. Define what does “Got a Job”mean?
Received a verbal offer? A written offer? Finished negotiating? Accepted a final offer? Your first minute on the job? The end of your first week?  

It is when both you and the employer are comfortable with the status quo.
Then you really have a job!

Now one more thing.  

On a level of less urgency, expect to return to lines 1 through 3 for total re-edit because statistically in 3 to 5 years you will have to start over  — sorry! Never stop working on “Get a Plan”.


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