Nonprofit “lands” 900th unemployed member

39 percent were long-term unemployed professionals

By Kenneth Hitchner

The Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ), the nation’s first employment community, helped its 900th unemployed professional return to work this month.

Dating back to its roots as a N.J. Department of Labor program, PSGCNJ has helped 902 members return to the workforce. In total, 39 percent were long-term unemployed, ranging from 27 weeks to 271 weeks.

“As the nation’s first employment community, we realize that actions speak louder than words,” said PSGCNJ Executive Director Kenneth Hitchner. “We have created a time-tested program that puts unemployed professionals back to work. Together, we are part of the solution.”

In 2013, 152 PSGCNJ unemployed professionals went back to work, compared to 95 in 2012. Sixty-eight percent returned to permanent positions last year.

PSGCNJ ‘‘landings’’ hit double-digits in nine months last year. The typically slow summer months yielded 41 landings during the 92 days in June, July and August. The holiday season also produced high numbers, as 30 unemployed members returned to work in November and December.

PSGCNJ became an independent nonprofit on May 26, 2012, the day after it was cut from the N.J. Department of Labor budget, which had funded 11 PSG chapters throughout the Garden State. Since becoming an independent, the nonprofit has helped 227 members return to work from the summer of 2012 through March 10, 2014.


PSGCNJ is the nation’s first employment community that helps its unemployed, professional members advance their careers by putting them back into the workforce.

The nonprofit’s education program features Accelerated Career Training (ACT) workshops, resume review and mock interview classes. New programs, such as the Marketing Plan seminar and Improv for Business Communications, have been added to the public offerings.

The organization’s innovative workforce development program also drives the nonprofit’s success rate. To gain full access to PSGCNJ’s free services, members are required to join one of six business units that operate the corporation and donate their talent to advance the PSGCNJ mission.

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