PSGCNJ Names New Co-Executive Directors

Daphne Thomas Jones and John Phelps have been named co-executive directors of PSGCNJ. As co-executive directors, they welcome the opportunity to continue to advance PSGCNJ’s mission.

Daphne Thomas Jones
Daphne Thomas Jones

“Now that we are a 501(c)(3) organization and the first employment community, the bar has been raised,” said Thomas Jones. “We have the opportunity to identify new programs and events and seek funding in support of our goals and objectives. As the organization moves forward, I will partner with John Phelps to develop a renewed energy within the organization and to encourage broader participation by the membership.”

Added Phelps, “I believe that PSGCNJ has a promising future and can set a course to realize its full potential. Having been a co-chair, team lead, and training instructor with the Accelerated Career Training Committee, I remain convinced that PSGCNJ can empower its members to identity new job opportunities and that they can secure and re-acquire gainful employment.”

John Phelps
John Phelps

Among their goals, Thomas Jones and Phelps will focus on promoting the advantages and benefits of PSGCNJ to prospective and existing members. In addition, they plan to continue to identify and to network with organizations, government agencies, and individuals who can offer the financial empowerment that PSGCNJ needs.

Leaders Bring Their Extensive Experience to Their New Roles

Thomas Jones has many years of management experience to share in her position as co-executive director of PSGCNJ. She has served as a life insurance and annuity product and fund management executive at several corporations. She is a graduate of Princeton University where she earned Bachelor of Arts in statistics. She also holds certificates from the Columbia University Graduate School—Executive Institute and Smith College Leadership Consortium. As co-executive director, Thomas Jones’s primary goals are to increase the membership, promote awareness of and secure funding for the organization, and to champion the development and implementation of new programs to help people gain employment.

In his new position, Phelps brings extensive experience as both a business development and sales professional and a training facilitator. As a sales professional, he helped U.S.-based, international, and multinational original equipment manufacturers and stocking distributors meet or exceed annual revenue and market share growth goals. In his work as a training facilitator at PSGCNJ, he taught ways to apply transferable skills during the job search, to network, to write cover letters and resumes, to prepare for interviews, and to negotiate job offers. Phelps is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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