NEWS: PSGCNJ Remembers Greg Reeves (1955-2012)

Longtime PSGCNJ member and supporter Greg Reeves believed that you had to give to live. PSGCNJ was only one of the several organizations to benefit from Greg’s energy and zest for life. He served on the Membership and Training committees in recent years, before passing away on August 24, 2012, at home.
And, although he may be gone, a part of his big spirit will remain with all of us who he helped—and taught.
“I can’t begin to express how much he loved and respected each and every one of you,” said Greg’s wife, Susie Reeves. “From Roadway to the Y to PSGCNJ to his college friends and family – he brightened so many lives! Thank you so much for your support and kindness over the last few days. I truly appreciate it.”
The following PSGCNJ members wish to share their thoughts: 
Big Man with a Big Heart! Anyone who knows Greg, knows he went out of his way to help. He always was quick with a laugh and to poke some good natured fun. He was very proud of winning his company’s “Golden Q Award” for outstanding quality of customer service. That held true at PSGCNJ where he always stepped up to the task at hand, motivated his team, and gave it his all. Greg, you left us too soon and landed your spot in heaven.

Elaine Ferrie

Greg was a wonderful, fun loving, eloquent, intelligent, strong, positive ray of hope for all of us to admire. A G-E-N-T-L-E-M-A-N in the truest sense of the word. A big man only overshadowed by his heart, good sense, caring, and smile! He was our S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N! Land softly dear friend and enjoy your new assignment—watching over us and laughing at the missives we will provide you with. You will be missed!!! But more important, you will be REMEMBERED!!! You are loved!!!

Steven Smith

Greg Reeves gave me so much encouragement to keep on going when things looked hopeless in the job market. I will be thankful for his guidance always.

Doris Stinson

Greg Reeves was the very first person I met at PSGCNJ, as he was for many others. He was the perfect face to welcome new members into the group with his great big smile and warm heart. He bonded with each and every one of us in a unique way, making us all feel special. I am blessed to have known and worked with him. He will forever be missed here on earth.

Ellen Schwartz

Greg led the training session that I took part of the first day I joined PSG. He was the first person I met and he made the day so enjoyable. Losing a job brings out so many sad emotions but Greg was able to help the class lighten the moment. He was a funny, classy, giving guy that always had a smile and a word of encouragement. I still chuckle when I remember the presentation he did the Monday before he passed on behavior interviews. I am sad that he is gone and know he will be greatly missed. There are not many people like Greg who give of themselves so unselfishly. I feel privileged to have known him.

Candace Waller

He was a giant of a man with a big heart. Even though there were a lot of people within the group, the telling of the Mets Hat Greg wore drew me close to him. He always greeted everyone at the meetings, but our bond for the Mets placed us in a different kind of category. The Met fan has suffered long and hard, with many great moments and many hard moments, kind of like life. Our struggles on earth continue, but knowing and crossing paths with such a genuine, warm caring person is what molds us. Greg always talked about going to get the new Citi Field someday. I told him that I had been there once, and it was pretty beautiful, which just made him light up. He knew the ins and outs of the Mets over the years and so do I. When we saw each other I would always say “Hi, and did you see RA Pitch.” I hope that he is smiling in the sky as the Mets beat the Phillies this week.
Take Care. Greg, we will miss you. With Deepest Sympathy,

Mike Davidian Jr. and family

I had met Greg on a day when I went to the Somerville Unemployment Office to find out that my benefits were going to be delayed, so there was a feeling of uncertainty. It was just another negative obstacle to deal with but I just happened to stumble onto the newly formed PSGCNJ volunteer group who were going to launch their first training session that very day after being disbanded by the DoL. Someone had overheard me asking at the One Stop Career Center window if there was any help for the long-term unemployed to get back into the workforce. They asked if I had the time to join the PSGCNJCNJ group and go through the training. Time is something I seem to have extra these days so I went into the training room and met Greg as he kicked off the first day of training. He had such a warm smile and welcomed me into the group. He was jovial and had a great sense of humor so he made me feel as if this job-loss journey is what you make of it and it does not have to be so negative. Look at the glass as half-full, not half-empty was the feeling I got from the group. I decided to stick with the training for the rest of the week. After the first day, Greg stuck around for a few minutes and shared a few laughs. Every time I saw him since the training he remembered my name and would greet me with that big smile of his. That is what I will remember of Greg, he was a caring and giving person and I was glad I had the opportunity to get to know him a bit! It was truly a gift.

Stephanie Jones

I first met Greg Reeves at my PSGCNJ orientation at the DoL in Somerville. My first impression was that he was quite a character. He was comical and heartwarming, empathetic and motivational. With his personal storytelling and his warm, folksy persona, he conveyed to me that all good things are possible and here, at the PSGCNJ, I had a friend. I hadn’t spoken to Greg for some months as I finished my studies at RVCC but recently reconnected at a general meeting. He was the same larger-than-life spirit I remembered, the same “friend” from my recent past. The PSGCNJ has lost a vital cog in the wheel, and the world has lost an endearing soul. God bless you, Greg. You will be sorely missed.

Leanne Rea

He was always ready to help out, always there with his big smile and easy-going way to keep us all in a positive frame of mind. He donated more than his time with PSGCNJ, he donated with his heart and hands as well. He will be missed and always thought of with fond memories, especially of our trip to Trenton. He kept us entertained going and coming with his big personality. We believed in him and he believed in us.

Luanne Ladley 

Greg was the man who didn’t need a mike, who stood up and spoke his truth at the PSGCNJ membership meetings. His honesty made it that much easier for the rest of us. He was the man who was ready to step up and contribute to PSGCNJ, the man who helped out his fellow members, and welcomed the newcomers. His honesty, his wit, his kindness, made transition a little easier for us all. Greg, we miss you.

Frances Chaves

I’ve had the good fortune to know Greg during my two stints with PSGCNJ. He and I had a lot of good-natured fun, poking fun at each other during Eagles/Giants games. He could fire a zinger with the best of them. I remember one time while I was moderating back at the church, I made the huge mistake of referring to Greg as George Reeves (that was the actor who played Superman back in the 1950s). Greg yelled back from the crowd, “Thanks, Rex!” And, for quite some time, we had some fun referring to each other as Craig or Geoff and Rob or Rich. Amidst the teasing, we had a strong mutual respect for each other’s work at PSGCNJ. Greg was never shy about pulling me to the side and giving his friendly advice when he thought I could use it. He was a true gentlemen and I was glad to have known him.

Rick Verbanas
PSGCNJ Executive Director (outgoing)

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13 Replies to “NEWS: PSGCNJ Remembers Greg Reeves (1955-2012)”

  1. Nancy Stober-McCarthy

    Greg had a wonderful smile, a giving spirit and a warmth about him at all times. His legacy should be that even in tough times it is still important to give back.
    Nancy Stober-McCarthy

  2. colleen murray

    I met Greg my first time in the Somerville PSG office. He was so nice to me. I never forgot that….he made me feel welcome and immediately part of the group. He had a great smile that lit up a room and always knew everyone’s name including mine as a ‘newbie’. He will be missed.
    Colleen Murray

  3. Bjorn M. Rogenas

    Greg Reeves was a great guy. He was hard working, diligent, inviting, compassionate and always smiling. His voice was majestic and his sense of humor was dead on. Those of us that had the fortune of meeting and getting to know Greg are all better off for it and we all smile when we think of Greg.

  4. Hensley Jemmott

    So sorry to hear of Greg’s passing. I did not know him long but he did so much to foster a positive atmosphere and sense of community in the group. He will be remembered and missed.

  5. Doris Stinson

    A Superman and a Gentle Giant in compassion and understanding that helped us all through the darker days of unemployment , when we lost hope in ourselves -Greg was there to give encouragement and hope. Rest in peace- you will be missed!

  6. George Hunter

    I am one of the older members of PSGCNJ who had a very difficult time finding a way to get into the system and moving ahead with my search. Greg gave freely of his energy, support and kindness. He never turned away from a quiet request for advise or a need for mentoring. He helped me face the unknown and encouraged me to take a chance. I will miss him and all that he represented to all of us.

  7. Rayanne Raya

    My prayers go out to all his family and friends. Greg was always compassionate and inviting. Greg’s spirit of optimism and joy entered my life at a time when I truly needed a kind smile. Rest in peace Greg, and thank you.

  8. Laura Fields

    Both my husband and I knew Greg from the PSG – Somerville. I remember he conducted the orientation seminar I attended when I was first laid off. He always had a word of encouragement and a good story to share. His laugh was infectious, so we could never be down when we were around Greg. Our condolences to his wife, Susie, his family and loved ones. May God bless you and keep you always!

  9. Bob Lynch

    My heart goes out to family and friends. Greg always had a big smile and a kind word for everyone. His leadership skills at PSG were obvious. If I were an employer, I’d want everybody on my team to have his work ethic and enthusiasm. I never know the right thing to say in these circumstances but my thoughts are with Susan and the entire family. Best wishes, always.

  10. Carl Peters

    Greg was a great man with a big heart. He will be missed but not forgotten. He recruited me for the training committee during my first church meeting last July. Ok, it was more like strong arming so I had no choice but to relent. I always made sure I showed up Monday for training because I did not want let Greg down (you too Elaine). When the “big man” spoke, you listened.

  11. Dirk H Graham

    I met Greg at he first General Meeting I attended. He jumped up, came over to me and told me he wanted me to join the Membership Committee because they needed help. So, I joined and we started working together to get the committee organized and back on its feet. What I liked most about Greg was that he was a giver. He didn’t ask what’s in it for me, he gave with his heart because it needed to be done. The world needs more people like Greg. I will truly miss him.

  12. Sonia J. Amanik

    What a GREAT LOSS… we all had to endure..Greg was one of a kind in more ways than one.What a Special Guy! My condolences to Suzie, family and freinds for having to endure his loss. We will truly miss everything about Greg. May God bless him and keep you safe always. You always lit up everyones’s day. Best Wishes…

  13. Danielle Hanley

    Oh Greg. You gave my first job at 18yrara old. It’s 28 years later. I’m a wife and mother now. You will be relieved that I am a Christian now because I gave you H*ll everyday and you were always so patient and would burst into the hardiest laughter. Greg you changed my life. You mentored a lost 18 year old child and encouraged me to go to college. I worked hard for you because I never wanted you to regret giving me that chance. I left Roadway and worked my way through college. You were a blessing, Dad is in heaven with you and he never forgot the lifeline that you threw to me. I don’t know where my life would be today were you not my boss. I was laying here praying and after 28 years your name came to me in prayer. I googled fearing an obituary and never having the chance to thank you . You left an indelible mark on me. And I will honor your kindness , laughter, and giving in memory of my mentor . Greg Reeves. Sometimes you never find out how a life is changed by kindness. Greg only knew the smart aleck hard working kid- he never learned how he played a part of my relationship with the LORD. He treated me with grace and patience. And God put him in my life for a reason and a season . Four years. I’ll see you again dear friend. Love always, Danielle Hanley – I will see you again one day- peace be with all your family and friends.

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