SPEAKER'S CORNER: Diana Gáler on Transforming Your Career from Misery to Happiness

By Sonny Palko
Dr. Diana Gáler, Career Transformation Coach and President of Gáler Coaching for Excellence, spoke at the June 4 PSGCNJ general meeting.  Describing her intriguing personal career transformation story, she explained how from scientist, researcher, and pharmaceutical industry executive, she became a career coach and how she is now, well, happy! The process and pitfalls of career transformation were reviewed, and the most difficult barriers to overcome—those that may be imaginary and are based on our fears, assumptions and biases.
Gáler shared four key questions which must be answered for an effective transition:
1.      Who am I?
2.      How did I get here?
3.      What do I want?
4.      What have I learned?
Most of the time, people in transition jump to the third question, ending up with what they think they want, not what they really want.  Answering the first question, in particular knowing our values, needs and strengths, is paramount to be able to answer the other questions well. Understanding the circumstances and decisions that got us to where we are is also critical as we may face similar situations and make assumptions and interpretations around our current situation.
When we have answered the first two questions, we understand what we want and thus commit to pursuing it energetically.  Throughout the process, we must continue to ask and answer the last question, continuing to learn, and factoring this learning into the process.
Achieving clarity can lead to better alignment with our careers, whether these represent a change or not.  The result is a greater feeling of satisfaction and engagement.
After her presentation, Dr. Gáler offered PSG members a few gifts:  Her suggested reading list (to receive a copy, e-mail her at diana@theteamdoc.com); and an opportunity to receive future editions of her electronic Career Transformation Newsletter.  From those that signed up for her newsletter, Dr. Gáler randomly offered two lucky PSG members free career coaching consultations!
Dr. Diana Gáler, Ph.D., ACC., helps mid-career professionals refind their groove. Through her six-part workshop, Career Happiness, she has coached scientists and managers who are contemplating or are in the midst of major career transitions. In addition to her coaching practice, Dr. Gáler volunteers with the Metro Chapter of the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA), where she has been a mentor and executive coach since 2010. Dr. Gáler founded Gáler Coaching for Excellence in 2009 after 28 years in leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Gáler can be reached at diana@theteamdoc.com or by phone at 973-763-8325.

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