TIPS: Back up your LinkedIn connections!

By David Pastore BACK-UP
You’ve spent months, maybe years networking and you have a terrific database of hundreds of great professionals.
If your LinkedIn account is ever comprised, all those contacts are lost. Forever.
To avoid all that heartache, back up your connections into Excel.
Simply download them, as follows:

  • Go to “Contacts” in your LinkedIn profile
  • On the toolbar, select “Connections”
  • Click “Export Connections” . . . it may be in the right hand column or at the bottom.

4 Replies to “TIPS: Back up your LinkedIn connections!”

  1. Suzy Kedzierski

    Never in a hundred years would it have occurred to me that my LI account could become compromised. Thanks for the tip. (Just how does this happen, anyway… isn’t it backed up to their servers for us… and with alternate email log in, how does this happen…?)

  2. Lou Leonardis

    This is a great tip. You would think that LinkedIn would have multiple sources with copies of your information but you never know when a hack will get into your account and mess things up. Thanks!

  3. Tim Berry

    Thanks Dave. Good advice. Just backed them up. Whether LI backs up this info or not to their servers it is always a safe bet to run a quick export once in a while so to have this list close at hand.

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