Advanced Resume Writing

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all meetings, classes, and interactive workshops are delivered virtually. Face-to-face meetings, classes, and interactive workshops will resume when PSGCNJ returns to the church.


This workshop helps job seekers develop effective resumes by learning how to communicate personal accomplishment stories.  As part of this workshop, the instructor will review current resumes and offer guidance for creating more value-driven documents.  Topics discussed are:
  • Skills, personal characteristics, values and needs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different resume types
  • Using C.A.R. stories
  • Formatting for maximum effect
  • Tailoring resumes for prospective employers and positions

Benefits To Job Seekers

Job seekers looking to create, update or improve resumes are ideal candidates.
  • Create an effective resume that highlights skills and talent
  • Improve existing resumes
  • Develop resumes that will get interviews
  • Discuss how to overcome gaps in work history and age discrimination
  • Resumes reviewed in context of the job search

What to Expect

  • Pre-requisite: Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey membership is required.
  • Course Materials:  Course materials are distributed electronically after confirmation of registration.
  • Pre-Work: Prior to the course start date, please submit electronically a current resume in word or RTF format  to the Training Registrar and bring a printed copy to class for review.

Course Learnings

At the end of this course job seekers will:
  • Identify the key components of a resume
  • Evaluate the “Master Resume” and how to modify for specific jobs
  • Describe talent and skills from a position of power
  • Identify transferable skills to help expand job searches
  • Incorporate Header and descriptors/keywords for an effective resume
  • Build a professional and competitive resume

Course Length/Method of Delivery

  • Length:  3 hours
  • Delivery Method: Virtual unless otherwise specified
  • Dates are available using Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey calendar

Course Dates

View the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey Calendar  to identify the next scheduled session.

To Register 

To sign-up for Advanced Classes, use the Training Page Navigation Menu link.